At Baleos, we offer construction and installation of Burmese teak decks using the latest technologies to provide maximum precision and cost reduction.

The high quality of the materials is very important to us, therefore, for each project we use teak wood with a certificate of origin and we carefully select the planks which we use to manufacture our decks.

In the initial phase of the project, we take digital measurements of the original deck to create a precise design in the AutoCAD software and then pass it to the CNC machine which facilitates the production of panels.

The decks are built in our workshop with the pre-construction system that consists of manufacturing panels and individual sections which allows a quick installation on board. During the installation process, we bond the deck panels directly to the boat, without fiber and plywood underneath, using the vacuum pressing system. At last, we caulk the perimeter and we carry out a superficial sanding of the deck to obtain an optimal finish.

Among our latest teak deck construction and installation projects we can highlight the new decks of the Black Swan, Beagle Star V, Rasmus and Olivia.


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